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CFUW-Ottawa members are connected to other university women in Canada and throughout the world - regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally

                            Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW)



CFUW Ontario East


Regional Director: Mary Partington  Email:


   1.    CFUW Belleville & District       Email: cfuwbelleville@gmail,com

   2.    CFUW Cornwall & District       Email:

   3.    CFUW Kanata                            Email: 

   4.    CFUW Kingston                    Email:

   5.    CFUW Nepean                      Email:

   6.    CFUW Ottawa                            Email:

   7.    CFUW Perth & District              Email:

   8.    CFUW Peterborough               Email:

   9.    CFUW Renfrew & District         Email:

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CFUW-Ottawa partners with and/or has representatives to two local organizations:

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