Speaker Series and General Meeting Jan. 7 at 1:00 (Join us for lunch at 12:00)

  • 07 Jan 2019
  • 1:00 PM
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Speakers Series and General Meeting at 1;00 on January. 7, 2019.

Come and join us for lunch & conversation Monday, January 7th at noon before the Speakers’ Series /General Meeting at 1:00 pm.

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1:00 pm  - January 7th -  Speakers’ Series

LORI MARCHANDManaging Director, Indigenous Theatre, National Arts Centre

Topic: Our Stories are Medicine

Lori Marchand, was the longstanding, highly-respected Executive Director of Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, British Columbia before becoming the first Managing Director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre, April 2018.

Ms. Marchand has extensive experience in building and strengthening artistic organizations. In her new position, she works collaboratively with the NAC’s newly-appointed Artistic Director of Indigenous Theatre, Kevin Loring. Together they are building the new Indigenous Theatre, which will open during the 2019-2020 season to mark the NAC’s 50th Anniversary.

Ms. Marchand grew up in Ottawa and saw her first play at the NAC as a child. Her father, Len Marchand Sr., was the first Indigenous Member of Parliament to be elected to and take a seat in the House of Commons in 1968 from the riding of Kamloops-Cariboo.

“Returning to Ottawa is like an artistic homecoming,” said Ms. Marchand. “I am inspired by and hopeful for the future of Indigenous people in Canada. For the NAC to make the historic commitment to build a theatre for Indigenous voices and expression is a significant step towards this future. It’s an inspirational challenge and a daunting challenge, and I am honoured to take it on. My father visited the NAC when it first opened in 1969 to see the production of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, where he met and befriended one of the play’s lead actors August Schellenberg. They were both trailblazers in their respective professions. Now, nearly 50 years later, Kevin Loring and I are following their trail and building a permanent home for Indigenous artists at the NAC. It is the most exciting professional challenge of my life.”

In 2009, Ms. Marchand worked with both Mr. Schellenberg and Mr. Loring on a new production of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, a joint production between Western Canada Theatre and the NAC, to mark the NAC’s 40th anniversary. In many ways, the production began a new relationship between Ms. Marchand, Mr. Loring and the NAC, and it initiated the exploration and conversation that ultimately resulted in the Indigenous Theatre at the NAC.

Ms. Marchand is of the Syilx Nation and grew up in Algonquin and Secwepemc Territory, lived and worked in Ojibwa and Cree Territory, and worked with leaders from the Six Nations, the Métis and the Mohawk. Her family environment brought her into contact with Indigenous leaders from Canada and around the world.

Ms. Marchand had served as the Executive Director of Western Canada Theatre for 18 years, working with four artistic directors to create and implement a compelling vision that has led to significant and successful growth. Ms. Marchand had also served as a member of the B.C. Arts Council and currently serves as its Vice-Chair.

Edited from NAC Press Release, December 2017


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