As HIPPY Ottawa is based at the Vanier Community Service Centre (VCSC), all volunteers must meet the VCSC’s screening criteria through an interview with the HIPPY Coordinator and fill out a form. As well, a current valid police check is needed because you will be working with a vulnerable population.

After your interview the HIPPY Coordinator will give you a letter requesting the check.  The letter means that you will not have to pay for the police check. You can then obtain your police check either on-line or in person. 

Here is a link to the Ottawa Police Services FAQs about police checks.


For the online check go to the Ottawa Police Services website and request a Type 3 (working with vulnerable sector) check (link below).


For the in-person check you will have to go to the Ottawa Police Services website to download and complete the application form (link below) to take into 2670 Queensview Drive. This is a link to the application form:

Download Level 3 - Vulnerable Sector Check 

This link below explains how to do submit the application in person at 2670 Queensview Drive. Tip: Be there early (8 am) to cut down on waiting time.


If you want to volunteer or obtain more information on being part of the CFUW-Ottawa HIPPY Project, please contact Janet Hagey at hippy@cfuw-ottawa.org

To our current volunteers, many, many thanks for making this community project a success!


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