Capital Carillon Publishing & Editorial Policies

Responsibilities: Moira Phillips is the Editor (starting with the October 2021 issue), Robert Friedman the Publisher. Submissions from members should be sent as email attachments to Moira, at by the deadline dates specified below.

Publication Schedule: Seven issues are published each year: October, November, December, February, March, April, & May.

Submission Deadlines: The deadline for submission of articles, announcements, & photos for the next issue is usually the 15th of the previous month.

Formats: The electronic versions are always published in PDF format in colour & sometimes in both high and low resolution (dictated by content). The print versions are published using black ink on white 20 lb. letter-sized paper (8 1/2" x 11").

Content: Club-related articles & photos are welcome from ALL CFUW-Ottawa members & their groups (i.e. ad hoc, issues, service, project, study & interest, & affiliate). NOTE: This includes news about recent awards to Club members, material published by Club members, & the deaths of Club members.

Before submitting photos, obtain permission to publish them in the newsletter from those photographed, if possible, and from the owner of the copyright, if applicable.

The Editor reserves the right to refuse submissions that are not Club-related. The Club President reviews submissions & may rule on sensitive subject matter.

Regular articles should be less than 300 words in length & announcements even briefer. Longer submissions are usually condensed but may be published to preserve a message deemed important.

Each issue is between eight & 10 pages, to limit publishing, printing, & postage costs while ensuring that important Club-related news is covered. If there is insufficient space in a given issue, the Editor may prioritize accepted items & postpone those that are less time-sensitive.

For assistance in writing a newsletter article, review basic principles in eHow's How to Write a Good Newspaper Article or wikiHow's How to Write a News Article. Before submitting material, check it for accuracy (i.e. facts, grammar, punctuation, & spelling).

Style: Copy is edited to maintain consistent format, reduce space required, ensure factual accuracy, correct errors in syntax (spelling, punctuation, & grammar), & to enhance readability, while respecting the writer's style & content.   

Credits: Bylines usually appear at the bottom of each article giving the name & club position of the writer. Bylines are not given on announcements, nor, usually, on material prepared by the Editor. Photo credits appear with the photo, unless it is in the public domain without a photo credit or if photo was taken by a bystander &/or we did not/were unable  to, obtain the photographer's  name.

Contact Information: Email addresses & telephone numbers of members are published only with their consent.

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