Capital Carillon Print Edition

The print version of the Capital Carillon, CFUW-Ottawa’s newsletter, is no longer distributed free of charge to requesting members. Starting with Club Year 2015-16, members who request the Carillon in paper format are required to pay $15 per year. The Registration Form includes this option.

The $15 annual fee was approved by the CFUW-Ottawa Board of Directors in June 2014 to recover the cost of printing & mailing the seven issues of the newsletter that are published each year. In 2013-14, the cost of printing & mailing seven issues of the newsletter was $13.70 per recipient. It increased in 2014-15 to $16.34 per recipient, mainly because of a dramatic increase in the cost of postage. On March 31, 2014, the cost of mailing a single 10-page issue of the Carillon had increased by 27 cents, from 71 cents (63 cents plus HST) to 98 cents (85 cents plus HST).

Thirty-five (35) of a total 463 active* members (*paid, life, non-archived), or 7.6 percent, received the May 2016 issue of the Carillon in print form, a decrease of 44 from the May 2015 issue in 2014-15. In addition, three archival copies are printed & paid for by the Club (one for the Club Archivist & two for Legal Deposit at Library & Archives Canada). The annual cost of printing & mailing 38 subscriptions in 2015-16 was $774.28 (or $19.58 per year for seven issues), of which $525 was recovered by charging members $15 per subscription. Starting with the April 2016 issue, the format of the print issues was changed slightly to reduce the cost of printing 38 copies of a 10-page issue on white 20 lb. paper using black ink by $13.87: Letter-sized sheets are now used, bound by a staple before folding.

Please contact the newsletter Editor, at newsletter@cfuw-ottawa.orgif  you have any questions about this policy. Note: If you provide a functioning email address, you will be notified as soon as the electronic pdf version of each issue is published on the Club website at

Some advantages of going electronic are:

Save your money, save a few trees, & reduce the time Club volunteers spend on administration & mailout.

More timely: Print issues are received at least three to four days later than the emailed ones.

Ability to magnify pages for improved visibility: The electronic version is provided in PDF format, viewable in Adobe Reader which is provided &/or downloadable free of charge on most computers. By using the View, Zoom feature in Adobe Reader, you can Zoom To… or increase the size of pages on the fly for ease of reading.

Colour: The electronic versions are in colour whereas the print versions are in black and white.

Active hyperlinks: The email addresses & internet links all work in the email version so that you can send a message or view & save an associated reference tool right away.

Email, Print or Save capability: The issues can be saved to your own computer for later referral. You can email the issue to any contact in your email address book. Though not advisable, you will be able to print portions or all of each issue immediately or later, as often as you wish.


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