Guidelines for Creating Scholarships & Awards

  1. The scholarship must be offered to a student enrolled at Carleton University or the University of Ottawa, or to a student enrolled in a degree-granting programme at a local Community College

  2. It must be supported by dedicated funds sufficient to sustain the scholarship in the amount of at least $1,000 per annum

  3. Several of our present donors maintain their funding through annual donations covering the full amount of the scholarship. In those situations notice must be given by June 30th of the preceding year if the donor wishes to discontinue support for the scholarship.

  4. A one-time scholarship award can be made at a similar minimum level (presently $1,000).

Donations given In Memoriam
When a number of individual donations are received in memory of a specific person and reach a total of at least $1,000, the Trustees may decide to create a one-time scholarship in that person’s name. Alternatively, if the accumulated donations are sufficient to warrant it, the Trustees may take appropriate steps to establish a recurring scholarship.

In all other cases, where the accumulated donations fall short of the minimum level, they will remain in the general trust fund and contribute towards our established scholarships.

Information required when setting up a scholarship:
i)  Amount and frequency of award.
ii) Which University (Carleton or University of Ottawa, or a degree 
    programme at a local Community College).
iii) Whether scholarship is for a graduate or undergraduate degree.
iv) Area of study.
v) Any specific requirements: e.g. earmarking the scholarship for a
    mature student or a registered disabled student.
We encourage these details to be left as broad as possible, in order to make it easier for the universities to find suitable candidates for the scholarship.

Guidelines for donors wishing to leave a donation in their will to establish a scholarship

We ask that intending donors submit a signed document to the STF Committee of Trustees, setting out the details outlined above.

Note: A donor must clearly state in her/his will that a bequest is to go to “CFUW-Ottawa Scholarship Trust Fund”. 

The Trustees of the Scholarship Trust Fund are pleased to receive enquiries about setting up new scholarships and welcome your proposals and ideas: for example, suggestions that might target students from backgrounds or with specific aims that our present awards do not address.


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