Canadian Federation of University Women-Ottawa


Our membership, open to all women graduates, students and associates who support the mission and ideals of CFUW, represents many countries and many creeds.


        We invite you to join us!  (Click to view video)

  • Established in 1910, CFUW-Ottawa, is an voluntary, self-funded, non-partisan, non-profit organization of over 500 graduate women, students and associates.  It is one of 112 clubs across the country that make up the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) . We are also part of Graduate Women International (GWI), formerly International Federation of University Women (IFUW)  - a network of women present in more than 120 countries around the world.   Provincially, we are members of CFUW Ontario Council.
  • Our mission is to promote quality education, to improve the status of women and girls and to participate in public affairs in an atmosphere of co-operation and friendship.
  • We study, develop policy resolutions and advocate on social issues particularly those concerning the status of women, human rights, education and legislation relating to peace, justice and the environment.
  • Our Scholarship Trust Fund disburses over 20 annual scholarships and awards.
  • Monthly meetings are open to the public and feature speakers on topical issues.
  • More than 40 Study, Interest and Service Groups and External Outreach Groups focusing on topics from language, music and the arts to gourmet cooking, literature and sports, are enjoyed by members.
  • The Capital Carillon, a monthly newsletter available online, provides current information on Club activities and is distributed free to members.
  • The CFUW Ottawa Annual Report, Constitution, Bylaws, 4-Year Strategic Plan and other club documents are available by clicking here.


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