"Over the past 6 years, CFUW-Ottawa has enhanced my life in a way I could never have imagined.   I met the most interesting, adventurous, and fun women with experiences from many walks of life, who warmly welcomed me.   The low annual membership fee which includes access to many enjoyable interest groups and the opportunity to support women’s education locally and internationally, means that CFUW-Ottawa is the absolute best Bang for the Buck!"

Johanna Oehling

"When I retired from teaching, I missed the on-the-job camaraderie and lively discussions, so thank goodness I found CFUW!   The interest groups offered me the joy and challenge of learning something new.   I greatly value all the wonderful women of CFUW-Ottawa who became my friends.   I am also proud to support CFUW-Ottawa’s efforts to provide scholarships for women’s education and to advocate for a better world for all women."

Leslie Baird

“'A Social club with a social conscience' that’s my short and prompt reply when asked by curious friends “What is CFUW-Ottawa?”.   Over the course of my 13 years as a member of CFUW, I have sampled many aspects of what our club has to offer from leadership roles to cooking to acting!   As with most things in life, the greater the effort, the greater the rewards, and my greatest personal reward is the many and lasting friendships made over the years." 

Nancy Simmons Wright

"Although my life has changed over the many years I have been a member of CFUW, CFUW has stayed with me throughout. It was, and is, a magical escape introducing me to new friends, good times, and a large variety of interests.  It stretched me to take responsibilities I could never have imagined possible. Of special and lasting interest has been the link CFUW has given me to Graduate Women International, connecting me to over 15,000 women in some 75 countries around the world." 

Hally Siddons


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