Toast to CFUW-Ottawa 

As presented by Mary Partington          

CFUW - Ottawa Annual General Meeting:    May 9th, 2011


To our Courageous Foremothers Unwavering Wisdom

I trust we are Co-operative, Friendly, Uplifting and Welcoming

We approach Causes with Fortitude and Unstinting Work

We are Curious, Feminine, Urbane and Witty

We can be Capable, Fair-minded, Unruffled and Wise

Tho’ sometimes there are Calories, Festivities and Undeniable Wallowing

There is Continuous Fun and Ubiquitous Wandering

We have Compassion, Forbearance, Understanding and Warmth

Compute-wise, we’re Frustrated and Undeniably Wanting

But Cultured, Foxy and Ultimately Winsome

Our Concern is the Future: For a Utopian World

Ladies:  Please rise for a Toast to the Canadian Federation of University Women

Mary Partington – CFUW-Ottawa



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