Message from the President

Charlotte RigbyWhen I joined the federal public service as a scientist many years ago, there were very few of us, and so we welcomed the opportunities to connect with other women in our offices, labs, and service units. An important part of our working lives involved supporting (and being supported by) other women as our careers developed. And so I felt right at home when I joined CFUW-Ottawa, with its culture of support for women and girls in a spirit of friendship and sharing; its sense of social responsibility and willingness to tackle leadership challenges; and its commitment to help young women realize their potential in education. 

CFUW-Ottawa provides us with the friendship and social activities of likeminded women, with many opportunities for lifelong learning, outdoor activities, and support for our communities. Our Scholarship Trust Fund assists women to continue their education. Our HIPPY project helps newcomers to Canada to prepare their children for Canadian schools. Our University Women Helping Afghan Women (UWHAW) group helps provide an education for girls in Afghanistan.  Our Dragonauts team has participated (very successfully!) in the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.  Our Diplomatic Hospitality Group provides friendship to members and partners of Ottawa’s diplomatic community. Our Madrigals singers provide entertainment to groups and seniors’ homes in the area. And these are just a few highlights!

We have more than 40 Study and Interest Groups and External Outreach Groups to keep us involved and learning and provide opportunities to share what we have with those still struggling to achieve equality. Our Issues Groups work on resolutions which become the policy framework for our regional and national advocacy. We are members of the Ottawa Council of Women and supporters of the Elizabeth Fry Society.

All CFUW-Ottawa groups provide opportunities to get involved in assisting others. I strongly encourage you to explore the opportunities for social activities and connections provided by our groups, and to contact us at:

cfuw-ottawa@cfuw-ottawa.orgor; or for more information.

Our experience clearly shows that the more we commit to our club’s programs and activities, the more we personally gain from belonging to this extraordinary group of women. I hope that your experience in CFUW-Ottawa is personally rewarding and that you will continue to look for opportunities to be involved in our programs. Friendship and fun await you!

Charlotte Rigby

President, CFUW-Ottawa



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