Message from the President

I’ve been a member of the Canadian Federation of 

University Women (CFUW) in three different cities. 

I’ve participated in five National Annual General 

Meetings in different locations in Canada.  

Now I’m a member of CFUW-Ottawa.

Why have I chosen to be a member of CFUW? 

I value the friendships I’ve made and the many 

opportunities to develop interests that the Club 

provides.  I am proud to belong to an organization 

which speaks in support of social justice, rights 

and opportunities, especially access to education 

for women and children. We certainly have fun, but we also raise money to provide numerous scholarships for women. Our Study and Interest Groups and External Outreach Groups are so numerous and varied that there is something for every taste. Our monthly meeting speakers provide us with new perspectives and ideas. Our membership in CFUW and in Graduate Women International gives us access to a perspective and vision beyond our local area.

I hope that you will allow full participation in CFUW-Ottawa to enrich your life; I feel sure that your presence will enrich ours.

Heather Lewis

President, CFUW-Ottawa



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