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De Baar, Klothild (Kati Lyon-Villiger), (78 titles published in 9 languages)

  • WONDERLAND STORIES: Atomland (1982 & 2016;  Waterland (1982 & 2016); Moneyland (1982 & 2017); Phoneland (1982 & 2017) (London, New Delhi, Frederickburg, USA)
  • Sentinel of the Damned (London, New Delhi, 2000; North Charleston, USA, 2018).
  •         (Runner-up for the Books Excellence Award, London, 2016)
  • I Bow to Thee, My Country (Baltimore, 2005).
  • Fireside Stories for a Winter’s Night (Frederick, USA, 2015).
  • Histoires pour une nuit d’hiver autour la cheminĂ©e  (Frederick, USA, 2017).
  • Historias de la chimenea para una noche de invierno (Frederick, USA, 2017).
  • Kamingeschichten einer Wintersnacht  (Frederick, USA, 2017)
  • Letters to Kathy  (London, New Delhi, 2015).
  •        (shortlisted for the 2016 Fred Kerner Prize of the Canadian Authors’ Association)
  • The Dear John Letter (London, 2017). (long-listed for the Storyteller UK Prize 2017)
  • The Kentyre Forum (North Charleston, USA, 2017)

Edwards, Nancy,

  • Not One, Not Even One: A Memoir of Life-altering Experiences in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Friesen Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (2022)
  • (Ed.), & Roelofs, S. (Assistant Ed.) Developing a program of Research:  An essential process for a successful research career, Vancouver, Canada: CHNET Press (2018)
  • N., Kaseje, D., & Kahwa, E. (Eds.) Building and evaluating research capacity in healthcare systems: Case studies and innovative models, Cape Town, South Africa: UCT Press (2016)

Kubanek, Ingeborg, My Journey (Ottawa, 2015)

Phillips, Dorothy Anne, Victor and Evie(Montreal & Kingston, London, Chicago, 2017).

Shemdin, Gouhar & Hazar, Hazim Beg Shemdin Agha A Kurdish Personality (Fair Oaks, USA, 2015). (book award winner: Northern California Publishers and Authors)

Zandstra, Ilse,

  • The Amber Coast (Ottawa, 2010)
  • Hubert and the Great Pigeon Race (Ottawa, 2016)

Victor and Evie: British Aristocrats in Wartime Rideau Hall

The experiences of a governor general and his family in the early twentieth century, revealed through recently released letters and diaries. 

Phillips, Dorothy Anne. Victor and Evie: British Aristocrats in Wartime Rideau Hall, McGill-Queen's University Press, November 2017, more.

Baseball Girls

This feature documentary uses animation, archival stills and live-action footage to detail the history of women's participation in the largely male-dominated world of baseball and softball. Zany and affectionate, it features 7-year-olds learning the rules and skills of the game and 50-year-olds hitting home rums, from the early days of the Bloomer Girls to the heyday of the Colorado Silver Bullets.

Filmed and Directed by Lois Siegel, Baseball Girls, 1995

In October 2017 The National Film Board of Canada listed “Baseball Girls” as #1 on:

The 10 Best Films of the 1990s playlist on YouTube:

Air Canada ran Lois Siegel’s film “Baseball Girls” for three months: August, September and October. It was listed under NFB and was part of the National Film Board’s Air Canada programming. The Film Board sends them 90 minutes of programming in each language every month. The films for each month’s programming stay on their channel for 3 months or so.  

Six Stories

Six Stories, by Lois Siegel, is the 14h issue in a special series of digital and print chapbooks to honor the poets and writers who have published in the St. Andrews Review or through the St. Andrews University Press since 1969.

Siegel, Lois. Six Stories. St. Andrews Review, 2016

You can purchase the book on Amazon:

You can also borrow it from the Ottawa library:

Invisible Immigrants : The English in Canada Since 1945

Part of the Studies in Immigration and Culture series published by the University of Manitoba Press, the book documents the experiences of English-born immigrants who came to Canada between the 1940s and 1970s. 

Barber, Marilyn and Murray Watson. Invisible Immigrants : The English in Canada Since 1945. University of Manitoba Press, March 2015, more.  

See a brief notice on page 2 of the May 2016 issue of Capital Carillon, the CFUW-Ottawa newsletter. See also Carleton University's publication notice with archival photos by clicking here.

Be a “Nice” Girl! : A Woman's Journey in the 20th Century

When Ruth asked the head of a major bank why qualified women weren’t being appointed to its board of directors, she was told to “be a nice girl…”  The lines were drawn...

Bell, Ruth M. Be a "Nice" Girl! : A Woman's Journey in the 20th Century. Andrea McCormick Communications, 2004, more.  

To purchase a copy of the book, contact CFUW-Ottawa member Marion Cameron.


 Value Our Past...

Towards Equality for Women : A Chronology of Change and Achievements 1640-2010

An eight poster display about the history of the Women’s Movement in Canada developed as a Club Centenary Project and for the 2010 CFUW AGM by Marilyn Letts and the CFUW Local Arrangements Program Committee. Each poster covers a period of history and is organized in five areas: Associations, Suffrage/Rights/Role in Society, Education, Literature/Art/Media and Sports.

CFUW AGM 2010 Local Arrangements Program Committee.  Value Our Past... Towards Equality for Women : A Chronology of Change and Achievements / compiled by Marilyn Letts and the Committee. Colour By Design, July 2010, more


Perseverance, Pranks and Pride – Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse

Joy Forbes, CFUW/Kanata, has written a history of the one-room school houses of the Ottawa Valley and the crucial role they played in the community.

Forbes, Joy. Perseverance, Pranks and Pride - Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse. Joyful Creations, 2010more


From Monica With Love : Sketches of the Life of an English Quebecer in the Early 20th Century  

Dorothy Horwood, one of our longtime active members, has written a memoir of her mother, Monica Philbrick Flannery (1898-1996), based on Monica’s letters, notes and conversations with Dorothy. 

Horwood, Dorothy M.  From Monica With Love : Sketches of the Life of an English Quebecer in the Early 20th Century.  Baico Publishing, 2013, more

See the article about this book on page 8 of the May 2013 issue of Capital Carillon, the CFUW-Ottawa newsletter.


The Amber Coast : A Latvian Family’s Journey

The Amber Coast is the story of one family’s flight from war-torn Latvia, its struggle to survive, and then, to gather strength and begin again in a new country--first in Sweden and then in Canada.

Zandstra, Ilse. The Amber Coast : A Latvian Family's Journey. Llumina Press, 2010,  more


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