Speaker Series and General Meeting

  • 01 Oct 2018
  • 7:30 PM
  • Riverside United/Church of the Resurrection Anglican, 3191 Riverside Drive

Speakers Series and General Meeting on Oct. 1, 2018.

BROCK GODFREY, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre



On the whole Canadians are trusting folks.  They assume good intentions on the part of the businesses and individuals they encounter.  This is a good thing.  Unfortunately, it also makes us easy marks for those who do not have good intentions.  Quickly we can become victims if we are not careful.

When the Canada Revenue Agency calls we listen.  If Microsoft sends us an email saying that they have detected suspicious activity on our computer and offers to fix it, we are likely to let them.  The problem is, we are setting ourselves up to be taken advantage of.

Modern, sophisticated fraud is on the rise in Canada.  It has gone well beyond the letters and emails advising us that long-lost relatives have left us a fortune, or door-to-door people soliciting for a non-existent charity.  Our identities can be stolen, we can have demands for ransom money to get our data back.  Major institutions and businesses can be robbed of millions.  And when it happens to us, we are often too ashamed to admit it or report it.

CFUW-Ottawa is very fortunate to have an expert speaker on fraud and fraud awareness from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for our October 1 General Meeting.  Brock Godfrey, a retired teacher and volunteer with the Centre, makes presentations on this topic across the country and has received the Superintendent’s Award of Distinction from the RCMP for his work educating Canadians about the dangers of fraud.  It will be a special extended presentation and members are encouraged to attend and bring a friend.


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