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04 Feb 2012 8:26 AM | Charlotte Rigby
2012 CFUW Draft Resolutions



An explanation of the CFUW Resolutions Process is found on this website under Resolutions.


On February 2, 2012 six proposed resolutions were sent to all CFUW clubs for review. See Proposed_resolutions_booklet_for_amendments.pdf for the full text of all six resolutions, together with instructions for the review process. The proposed resolution for this year:

1. Retention of Women in Skilled Trades and Non-Traditional Occupations (CFUW Barrie & District, Ont.)

2. The Inclusion of Women and Gender Sensitive Approaches in Efforts to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change (CFUW Halifax, N.S.)

3. Moratorium on the Construction of Industrial Wind Turbine Developments (CFUW Kincardine, Ont.)

4. Toward a Mental Health Strategy For Canada (CFUW Oakville, Ont.)

5. Full Accessibility and Barrier-free Environments for People with Disabilities (CFUW Ottawa, Ont.)

6. Ensuring Food Security in Canada (CFUW Richmond, B.C.)

Every CFUW club is asked review each resolution and send their recommendations (acceptance, amendments, or even rejection) to the National Resolutions Committee by May 1. The authors of the resolution will then consider the recommendations and finalize their resolution for submission to the CFUW AGM in Victoria in June.


For CFUW-Ottawa:


We'll need a ad hoc review committee for each Resolution. Each committee will present their recommendations at our annual "Resolutions" General meeting on Monday, April 2 for our members to vote and decide on CFUW-Ottawa's response.


If a Resolution topic interests you and if you'd like to learn more about the issue, to share your expertise and experience, and to contribute to CFUW advocacy for solutions - please consider joining fellow members on a review committee. Committees will meet during February and March to prepare their recommendations.


Those of us who have contributed to these discussions and reviews in past years have found them to be a rewarding way to participate in one of CFUW's most important functions and to get to know fellow members with similar interests.


For more information, or to join a group please contact our Issues Committe Chairs:


VP Liaison - Charlotte Rigby crigby@videotron.ca 819 778 3438


Chair, Status of Women & Human Rights - Sue Wilson wilsonelizabeth@yahoo.ca 613 523 8126


Chair, Education - Nathalie Thirlwall nathaliethir@rogers.com 613 730 6513


Chair, Legislation/Other -  Lynne Bond linda.bond@hrgworldwide.com 613 741 1805


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