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  • 17 Feb 2020 6:04 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)
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    Proposed Resolutions - AGM 2020

    February 14, 2020

    The proposed resolutions for consideration at the CFUW Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held next June 18 - 20, 2020 in Ottawa, are now available! 

    You can link to the proposed resolutions here or go to the membership website here.

    Reminder: Amendments Guidelines
    Amendments should be designed to make a better resolution.The Amendment Form may be completed and returned to the resolution's designated email address as attachments.

    Please save your document in a word format and indicate in the title of the document the number of the resolution and the name of your club.
    Access the Amendment Form HereForm ENFormulaire FR

    Deadline for receipt of amendments is April 15.
    No PDF documents can be considered.

    Designated Email Information:

    Resolution 1: Canada Health Act and Common Application of Medically Necessary Services

    Resolution 2: Payday Loans

    Resolution 3: Achieving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action

    Resolution 4: Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans

    Resolution 5: Protecting Children from Exposure and Access to Pornography and Sexual Violence on the Internet

    Resolution 6: Enforcement of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

    For any questions about the resolutions process please contact, Teresa Habs, Chair of the Resolutions Committee at or the National Office at

  • 10 Oct 2019 7:27 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    At the October 7, 2019 General Meeting of CFUW-Ottawa Hally Siddons, one of our club members, who attended the GWI Triennial and Centenary Celebration, made a presentation about the gathering. click here to see her PowerPoint notes.

  • 09 Oct 2019 11:00 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    The theme of the 2019 National Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, was 100 Years of CFUW—The Power of Women Working TogetherMany Ottawa members participated to celebrate our 100th anniversary. The Fort Garry Hotel, where the conference was held, was the very location at which representatives of the University Women’s Clubs of Canada had met to launch the CFUW in 1919. The speakers included Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party. Other engaging speakers celebrated our work in advocacy and our history. We discussed building for the future as well. CFUW-Ottawa was honoured with an award for recruiting new members and received the International Relations Award for our April 2019 seminar, Empowerment Through Education: A Global Agenda for Women and Girls.

    During the business session, important votes were taken. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the CFUW and GWI (see earlier News and Announcements item) was ratified by a large majority. 60% of votes cast were in favour of the “Winnipeg Motion” (which gave individuals a choice as to whether or not to pay fees for membership in GWI) and 40% voted against. Since this required a two-thirds majority, it was defeated. A vote to increase the dues for the CFUW by $6 per member was passed with a large majority. Notwithstanding the MoU, a vote to increase dues paid to GWI by $10 was defeated, with 160 voting for it and 169 against. This vote also required a two-thirds majority. The full report of the CFUW AGM is available in the member-only area of this website. 

    The highlight of the AGM was the Friday night gala banquet at which “One Hundred CFUW Notable Women” from across the country were honoured; 68 of these were present in person. We were so proud to have many of our CFUW-Ottawa members honoured: Alice Bolt, Ann Denis, Margaret Haines, Fran Manning, Dorothy Phillips, Hally Siddons and Lizz Wilfert. Susan Russell from CFUW-Nepean and Marianne Wilkinson from CFUW-Kanata were also among the Notable Women. Alice Bolt also won one of the antique IFUW pins in the raffle. This was a good evening for us!

  • 24 Aug 2019 12:51 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Attached are three documents related to the 33rd Triennial GWI General Assembly and Peace Through Education Conference that was held July 25-28, 2019 in Geneva.

    Report of the CFUW VP International, Joy Hurst, click here.

    100 Years of IFUW Past and Future Sisterhood, by Louise McLeod, VP Marketing GWI 2016-2019. click here.

    2019 IFUW Inspiring a Vision: Pioneers and Other Women, click here.

  • 24 Aug 2019 12:46 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Chick here for the text of the MOU between CFUW and GWI that was signed on July 17, 2019.

  • 20 Jul 2019 3:59 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Message from the President

    July 19, 2019

    President’s Message
    Grace Hollett, CFUW National President

    Please forward to all CFUW Club members.

    I am delighted to bring you news that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) developed by the CFUW and GWI negotiating teams has been signed, with terms favourable to CFUW, and is in effect until Dec. 31, 2022. 
    Background and Thanks

    The Negotiating Team consisted of Joy Hurst, VP International and chair;  Kathryn Wilkinson, Acting President and VP Education; Dominique Racanelli, VP Finance;  Robin Jackson, CFUW Executive Director: and myself, Grace Hollett, as National President. With Board approval, CFUW initiated negotiations, to address areas of concern between our two organizations, to agree on specific areas of collaboration, and to re-negotiate the dues formula and payment terms for CFUW. Due diligence by all has produced results and I thank the teams on both sides who acted in a spirit of collaboration and good faith. I thank, also, the CFUW Board whose considerable input helped bring us to a satisfactory conclusion, CFUW office staff for research, and you the Club members who exercised admirable patience in waiting for news of negotiations.
    The MOU indicates the willingness of both parties to collaborate and strengthen cooperation, to recognize existing problems and to set up a plan for dealing with them and, subject to its termination provisions, to be legally bound by the terms of this Agreement.
    Areas of Collaboration Include

    • Member Relations: CFUW proposed and GWI accepted that we will collaborate on developing and testing an electronic platform for National Federation and Association's (NFA) dialogue and consultation to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, discussion on leading or emerging practices and access to presentations by an international pool of subject matter experts. Additionally, GWI will convene a committee with representatives from all GWI regional areas to facilitate ongoing discussion and foster understanding among regional groups about regional priorities and issues of common interest.
    • Global Advocacy for Women and Girls; CFUW will continue to support GWI’s Education Advocacy agenda for Women and Girls by sharing CFUW research on selected issues within CFUW’s areas of focus and will also support written statements prepared by GWI for presentation to UN bodies when they also reflect the interests and areas of focus for CFUW. GWI will collaborate with CFUW to increase our international advocacy footprint with UN agencies where GWI has onsite representation or partnership relationship and these relate to CFUW interests.
    • Projects: Together we will review Bina Roy projects and decide which could be scaled up, to continue beyond their one-year funding period.
    • Communications and Promotion: Agreement was reached on promotion of publications and information in a timely manner.
    • Membership: GWI will share its recruitment model and knowledge base with CFUW.
    • Financial Management and Sharing Information: GWI has agreed to full transparency by providing quarterly financial statements within 30 days, publishing their accounting standards, providing annual budgets, timely updates on partnerships/alliances, and freeing the Canadian Assistant GWI treasurer to speak openly to the CFUW Board on GWI financial issues. We welcome this commitment to a fuller accountability.

    Reduction of CFUW’s Dues to GWI

    Prior to July 16th and the signing of the MOU, CFUW had an unpaid balance for 2018 and 2019 relating to the CHF 6 per capita increase.
    With the signing if the MOU, GWI agreed to receive the unpaid balances of our uncollected dues in two forms, 1. in-kind services/collaborative work, and 2. financial payment. The details for each of 2018 and 2019 are as follows:
    • For 2018, CFUW’s total increase in dues was CHF 48,564 based on 8094 members.  GWI and CFUW have agreed to value CFUW’s in- kind services at CHF 23,465. CFUW owed GWI a payment of CHF 25,099. Of this amount, GWI has already received CHF 13,306.50. For 2018, CFUW owes GWI a payment of CHF 11,792.  A zero-balance invoice will be provided to CFUW when this payment is made.
    • For 2019, CFUW’s total increase in dues is CHF 45,546 based on 7591 members. CFUW’s in-kind services are valued at CHF 22,014. CFUW owes GWI a payment of CHF 23,532. A zero-balance invoice will be provided to CFUW when this payment is made placing CFUW in good standing with voting privileges at the 2019 GWI Triennium
    Arrangements have been made to pay on July 19th the difference between the amount owing and the amount being credited for in-kind services (i.e. the discount). Following from the two bulleted paragraphs above for 2018 and 2019, this calculates to CHF 23, 532 + CHF 11,792, totaling CHF 35,324 or CAD $ 49,454 if the exchange rate is 1.4. Note that, as a GWI member CFUW was assessed dues and this debt must be paid eventually. As long as CFUW is a GWI member dues will be assessed. This opportunity for a reduced payment is to CFUW’s advantage. Without the amount being reduced paying the full amount was quite problematic. With the payment, CFUW maintains its voting privileges at the GWI Triennial, but this was not the reason for paying the debt.
    In order to fully resolve the outstanding amount remaining unpaid from the 2018 and 2019 years the board voted in support of a “one-time only” use of approximately CDN $49,454 from our unrestricted reserve, contingent on GWI signing the agreement on the reduced amount.
    Although using the CFUW unrestricted reserve at a precarious time is not ideal, the CFUW board recognizes the financial obligation attached to GWI membership. Carrying an unpaid balance for another year would not be recommended business practice.

    Additionally, this reduced payment plan continues to the end of the 2022 dues cycle.
    GWI has agreed to review its dues model, and also its voting structure to ensure an appropriately enhanced reflection of CFUW’s membership numbers. Reporting back on those issues must be done at least 6 months before the 2022 GWI General Assembly (GA).
    Future actions

    The identified collaborative activities will be summarized by documentation and managed by a project management approach with specific deliverables, timeframes and articulated responsibilities.  Agreement on oversight, modification of the MOU, dispute resolution and events leading to termination of the agreement has been reached.
    What has not been solved?

    1. The constitutional requirement of CFUW’s membership in GWI (CFUW Article 4) and GWI’s definition of membership for the purposes of dues calculation (Articles II.1 and X.3 of the GWI Constitution), were part of the discussions but constitutional changes were beyond the mandate of the Negotiation Committees and consequently the constitutional relationship between CFUW and GWI remains unchanged. These constitutional issues must be resolved prior to the end of this agreement, December 31, 2022.
    2GWI Dues for 2020
    Dominique Racanelli, in her role as VP Finance, thanks all who contributed to the voluntary payments, an updated copy of which will be posted, and alerts you to the following:
    The January 2020 invoice we will receive from GWI will again be assessed at 21. 5 CHF per capita.  In spring 2019, CFUW collected dues from Clubs at the defined rate of CHF 15.5  due to the fact that at the CFUW June 2018 AGM, CFUW members once again rejected a dues increase.  Although the MOU will again provide CFUW a discount to the full 2020 invoice, this credit will not be enough to cover the anticipated invoice.  We do not know the shortfall as it depends on membership numbers at December 31, 2019,  but estimate it at approximately CHF 23,535 or CAD $32,950 at a 1.4 exchange rate.  
     If the proposed GWI dues increase is accepted by the membership at our August AGM, the increase will be collected to meet the 2021 GWI invoice, not the 2020 payment.”
    She estimates that “on average more than 300 women hours were  provided by individual members of the Negotiating Committee and the CFUW Executive Director for research, analysis and written recommendations provided to GWI,” with  well in excess of this being expended by the chair and president. She further reiterates “This consultative work was well received by GWI and assessed at in-kind value in the amount of CHF 23,465 for the year 2018 and  CHF 22,014 for year 2019” 
    Ms. Racanelli states relative to the projected dues for 2020, “At this point we need to ask and must depend on CFUW membership to provide a new solution.”

    The Negotiating Team is pleased that this period of negotiations has concluded. We realize, however,  that much remains to be done to activate some of the MOU provisions. We look to you to help find a solution to additional funds needed for the 2020 GWI dues.  
    Importantly, we need to ensure financial stability of CFUW as a national organization 
    Thank you again for your cooperation during this process,
    Grace Hollett

    National President-Presidénte Nationale

  • 24 May 2019 11:20 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Message from the President

    May 23, 2019

    Grace Hollett, CFUW National President
    (Club Presidents please forward to all members.)

    Topic: A New Opportunity; The Newly formed CFUW Canada GWI Club

    Sometimes a new structure is needed in order to achieve goals. In strategizing on how to manage CFUW’s membership in GWI and help heal the divide that exists over GWI membership, the CFUW Negotiating Team brought to the Board meeting of April 11th a proposal to establish a Club to provide a platform for members who wish to actively support, collaborate with, and raise the visibility of GWI within CFUW. Those members would build a new relationship with GWI for the next decades.  
    The Negotiating team worked with a committee headed by our Parliamentarian, Elizabeth Haynes, and subsequently a subcommittee of Joy Hurst, Elizabeth Haynes and I, evaluated alternate forums and concluded that a virtual Club structure would work best. Meanwhile another subcommittee of current and past By-law chairs drafted bylaws that conform with the CFUW bylaws, the Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and the Ontario Corporations Act. The ten charter members of this new Club have chosen to make the new club their primary club and continue as dual members of their local clubs. The CFUW club naming convention prescribed in the CFUW bylaws requires new clubs to adopt a name that conforms to CFUW (geographic location), therefore the new club has adopted CFUW Canada GWI as its name.  At the May 9th Board meeting the new Club was granted its charter.

    The purpose of the CFUW Canada GWI is to raise GWI’s visibility within CFUW and support CFUW’s efforts to work collaboratively with GWI. It will operate regardless of the outcome at AGM 2019 of the Winnipeg motion to accept GWI per capita dues only from members who wish to support GWI.

    You are referred to the one-pager below which gives additional details.

    During my recent visits to Councils and Clubs across Canada, negotiations were discussed in general and the formation of the new Club was introduced. Questions raised then and later, together with our responses, are being presented in the FAQ which follows. If you have additional questions or general inquiries please forward to    

    New Club: New Opportunity
    CFUW Canada GWI

    1.   Q. Is this creating a separate organization for GWI Supporters?
    A.   No. CFUW Canada GWI is a chartered club of CFUW, like any other club. It will operate much like local clubs do.  It may create hubs, interest groups and/or study groups or undertake club initiatives focused either on CFUW or GWI.
    2.   Q. What is the purpose of CFUW Canada GWI?
    A.   Members of CFUW Canada GWI share an interest in the activities and programs of GWI.  CFUW
    Canada GWI provides an opportunity to become actively involved with CFUW members across the country who share this interest.
    3.   Q: Will the home club be involved in any GWI votes?
    A.   Yes, as they are now.
    4.   Q: What if someone supports GWI but does not want to join CFUW Canada GWI?
    A.   There is no requirement to join CFUW Canada GWI. Members of CFUW can continue to pay their GWI component of CFUW dues in the clubs they currently belong to.
    5.   Q:   What is the structure of the club.
    A.   CFUW Canada GWI is comprised of members who pay their CFUW dues through the club (primary members) and members who pay their CFUW dues through another club (dual members). Members’ rights are the same for primary and dual members.  All members of the club have an equal voice on matters brought to the floor of club meetings.  Voting allocation at CFUW meetings (AGM or Special General Meetings) is based on the number of primary members—one for each 25 members or major portion thereof up to 200 members; one for each
    50 members thereafter. Club leadership is through a non-traditional board—a 5-member planning committee.  Positions on the planning committee are:  CFUW/GWI Liaison, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator and Member-at-Large.
    6.   Q: How will CFUW Canada GWI handle dues.
    A.   In most clubs, dues have several components such as CFUW dues, Provincial Council dues, Club dues and contributions to club scholarship funds.  CFUW Canada GWI dues have 3 components: Club dues, GWI dues as established by GWI, and CFUW dues (the CFUW rate minus the amount allocated for GWI dues in the national budget). Primary members will pay all 3 components.
    Dual members will pay the club dues and a top-up between what CFUW collects for GWI and the actual GWI per capita amount.
    7.   Q:  If I am a primary member of CFUW Canada GWI and a dual member at a local club, will my local club receive any dues?
    A.   You will pay your local club its local dues and any other club levies (e.g. provincial dues, scholarship donations).
    8.   Q: How will any votes concerning GWI matters work?
    A.   There is no change to voting allocations on any matters brought before the CFUW membership.
    Each club is allocated 1 vote for each 25 primary members up to 200 and 1 vote for each 50 primary members thereafter.
    CFUW Canada GWI                                                                                                                   May 17, 2019

    Upcoming Club Events
    Coming soon is an electronic Meet and Greet session to get to know some other NFAs who are members of GWI. To join the CFUW Canada GWI Club please contact

    Grace Hollett

    National President-Presidénte Nationale

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  • 19 May 2019 7:13 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Message from the President

    May 17, 2019

    Grace Hollett, CFUW National President

    Greetings CFUW Members,

    It has been a pleasure during the period since March 24th to meet with you at Regional and Provincial Councils and at Club events. I thank you for your welcome and your generous hospitality!

    At those meetings we discussed current CFUW issues and I encouraged members to send the Board any additional  questions and comments and the purpose of this correspondence is to provide response and commentary to those inquiries that were of a financial nature. The financial responses were written primarily by the VP Finance and her committee and received input from the Board.

    I am asking Club Presidents to please forward this full correspondence to all their members.
    Grace Hollett

    National President-Presidénte Nationale
    Member Question #1. The Winnipeg Motion failed at the CFUW 2018 AGM. Why is it being presented again?
    A failed motion can be renewed at any subsequent meeting session. See RONR 11th ed., p. 337, ll.22-27n
    Member Question #2. Timing: The three motions were sent to members at the last possible moment under our by-laws and regulations. This allowed only 15 days for members to have discussions, research, evaluate and consider the motions and suggest possible amendments. This was totally inadequate.
    Our national Parliamentarian advises the following:
     All 3 motions are subject to amendment on the floor of the AGM.

    1. Amendments must be germane—that is related to the topic of the motion.
    2. Amendments must be within the scope of the notice.
    3. Amendments that are in order include:
      1. A motion to amend Clause 1 of the Winnipeg motion to a number that is between $48 and $55.
      2. A motion to amend Clause 2 related to payment of GWI dues.
      3. A motion to amend Clause 3 related to collection of CFUW dues.
      4. A motion to amend  Finance Motion number one to an amount that is between $0 and $6.
      5. A motion to amend Finance Motion number two to an amount that is between $0 and $10.
    4. A motion to Separate the Winnipeg Motion is in order on the floor of the AGM.

    All clubs still have the means to call a special meeting prior to the August AGM.
    Member Question #3. Many members are not clear on what we owe GWI. What is the amount?

    At the end of each fiscal year, following an audit, and as part of our AGM documentation, CFUW provides full financial reporting in the Annual Finance book. In addition, following our Board meetings, monthly financial reports are posted on CFUW members website.This is part of our mandate for full financial transparency. Prior to the start of our negotiation discussion with GWI, the outstanding balance owed to GWI, (which represents the uncollected portion of  dues). Balance for 2018  ~$50,544 CDN, Balance for 2019  $63,764 CDN , For a total of $114,208 CDN. All money collected for GWI, in dues, donations and voluntary dues have been forwarded to GWI.
    Member Question #4. Article 4 in the CFUW Bylaws states we are members of GWI, and therefore obligated to pay the GWI dues.  Why do we have this outstanding debt?

    The unpaid balance represents the uncollected dues.The GWI Debt payable amount stated in the financial booklet is the amount the CFUW Membership owes.  Payments for GWi dues are derived from a defined portion of the CFUW $70 fees we collect. The defined portion remains 15.5CHF and will remain so until the CFUW voting body agrees to increase it. The 2nd motion the finance committee submitted for approval at our 2019, ($10 for GWI) once again tries to bring parity to what GWI invoices us and what we can pay them. The CFUW Board is guided by the 2/3 majority vote when it comes to financial motions.  Until such time as  the voting body approves the parallel amount, we are bound to 15.5CHF.
    Member Question #5. Why were the financial motions separated?
    Full transparency and additional clarity was the goal in putting forth 2 motions.
    CFUW cannot pay what we haven’t collected for GWI dues. We must bring parity to what our members pay for GWI dues and what GWI invoices us. ( 15.5 CHF vs  21.5CHF). The second financial motion tries to highlight that.
    The Article and Bylaws Chair as well as our Parliamentarian confirmed both motions were in order.

    Member Question #6. We understand that negotiations between CFUW and GWI are still ongoing after 10 months but members have had no reports on their progress. Why?
    Negotiations are normally confidential until full agreement is reached and both parties agree to full disclosure. 
    Member Question #7. CFUW dues increases occurred regularly in the past with the most recent being in 2013. That year dues increased by $10 of which $3.00 was to cover an expected dues increase by IFUW (now GWI). The IFUW dues increase did not occur and instead of putting the IFUW funds into trust for future, did CFUW use the funds for other purposes?
    The 2012 CFUW AGM minutes do not substantiate this claim.The rationale of the dues motion presented by then VP Carole Hare, also does not support this claim. We are attaching the 2012 CFUW AGM Minutes to this bulletin.
    Member Question #8. Please provide a full accounting history of just what CFUW has collected to cover GWI payments.

    The Annual Audited Financial reports have provided this information. The records are on our website.

    Additional information:

    When a CFUW dues increase is proposed it is based on 1)the cost of operating CFUW, 2) the IFUW/GWI per capita amount in Swiss francs and 3) the annual  exchange rate at the time of the proposal.

    History of CFUW dues increase:

    1. In 2005 CFUW adopted that dues be increased by $5 for each of the next 3 years. Included was an increase in IFUW dues to 15.5CHF (Swiss Francs).  At time of adoption, the exchange rate was 0.96 CHF to $1 CAD (Canadian Dollar).Implemented in 2006. CFUW dues of $60 began in 2009.
    2. Adopted in 2012 and implemented in 2014, that CFUW increase dues by $10.  At time of adoption the exchange rate was 1.11 CHF to $1 CAD.  As stated earlier, the rational for increase did not include the expectation of an IFUW dues increase.Then CFUW VP Finance Carol Hare stated that the proposed increase was related to fluctuations in the Swiss Franc, the cost of relocating the CFUW national office and other unanticipated expenses.

    Explanation of the the actual cost to CFUW.  GWI dues collected vs. GWI dues paid

    Fluctuations in the exchange rat, mean that the amount paid for GWI per Capita Dues generally exceeds the amount collected.  From 2012-2018, the total combined shortfall between dues collected and dues paid, totaled more than $200,000 CAD.  CFUW Dues are established based on the amount required to cover CFUW expenses and GWI dues, based on the cost of living and the exchange rate for the year the dues amount are adopted.  The collection basis for the GWI dues remains the same until the next dues increase regardless of the exchange rate at the time the dues are paid.  Annual shortfalls between the amount of GWI dues collected and those paid out have been absorbed in the CFUW operating budget.

    In other words, the CFUW operating budget has been subsidizing the unfavorable currency fluctuations. These shortfalls are over and above the shortfalls caused by the implementation of a 6CHF increase to GWI dues that took effect on January 1, 2018.  


    Exchange rate basis of collection

    Exchange rate paid


    Paid Out

    Due to GWI

    Annual shortfall subsidized by CFUW











































    *$10435 of the 2017-18 shortfall was funded by voluntary donations to CFUW.  All donations were forwarded to GWI in payment of per capita dues.

    Member Question #9. How is the GWI fee portion handled by National when collected?

    Each fiscal year 100% of what CFUW collects from CFUW members for GWI is sent to GWI. This includes voluntary dues sent to us by a few clubs, as well as donations by individual members. Again, all financial information is provided in the annual audited financial booklets.The annual finance reports can be found on our website. Each club also receives a  copy each year as part of the AGM package. This provides full transparency. We post our monthly financial reports on our website as well. 
    Member Question #10. Why do we have an outstanding debt?

    Payments for GWI dues are derived from a defined portion of the Cfuw $70 fees we collect.  The defined portion remains 15.5CHF and will remain so until the voting body agrees to increase it. The problem has been that since GWI increased their dues by 6CHF for a total of 21.5CHF, CFUW has not received the mandate from its members to collect the difference. The CFUW board is guided by the 2/3 majority vote when it comes to financial motions.  Until such time the voting body approves the parallel amount, we are bound to pay 15.5CHF per capita, even though GWI has invoiced us 21.5CHF per capita for 2018 and 2019.
    Member Question #11. Why did CFUW set up a Revenue Generating Committee

    The overall financial outlook of CFUW has weakened over the years. The main reasons are:
           1.decreased membership
          2.our investments do not bring in the type of interests we enjoyed during               boom market years
         3. the shortfall caused by currency fluctuations  demonstrated in the graph
             in #8)

         4. we have failed to keep up with inflation

            New sources of income are needed if CFUW is to maintain its
            current  national  programs, services and advocacy role. In
            addition, we are taking into consideration that even if the motion
            to increase the GWI dues passes, this will only bring parity for

            GWI dues moving forward. Additional  income is needed to clear the
            past debt.

    Member Question #12. Last year CFUW asked clubs to send in voluntary dues for GWI.  Was that successful?

    CFUW did not ask Clubs to do that. CFUW responded to a request from a member that the office be authorized to forward to GWI any voluntary funds from members. 10 clubs participated and CFUW was able to collect 15% of the outstanding debt. All was sent to GWI.
    Member Question #13. Why are we not using our restricted reserve to clear the debt?

    The CFUW board members take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and we will continue to adhere to the financial standards, rules, and recommendations regarding restricted reserves.

    The restricted reserve is $237,000 which reflects the minimum amount that “net assets” should not go below to ensure the organization can meet future obligations and cover  expenses should the organization have to shut down or in case it has an emergency, such as a catastrophic fire.
    Member Question #14. What about using our unrestricted amount?

     CFUW presented a deficit budget last year, and will again for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. In addition The centennial AGM is proving to be more expensive than originally budgeted. This will greatly affect our unrestricted reserve.
    Member Question #15. What order will the motions be presented in Winnipeg?
    The order of the motions will be
    1. The Winnipeg motion
    2. The  6$ increase for CFUW motion
    3. The $10 increase for GWI
    Should the Winnipeg motion fail, we proceed to  vote on the 2 Finance motions:
    Should the Winnipeg motion pass, there will be no need to vote on the 2 finance motions because the Winnipeg motion incorporates the $6 increase by stating the CFUW fee will be $55, which is $6 over what you are paying now for CFUW.  In addition, it says those who wish to pay the GWI fee will do so at the current GWI due, which is 21.5CHF.

    Presently of the $70 CFUW dues only  15.5 CHF is defined for GWI. So again, the Winnipeg motions incorporate an increase.



  • 20 Apr 2019 12:51 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    There are three Financial Motions put forth by CFUW National that we will need to vote on at our AGM on May 4. Two of them are dues motions and the third is a motion put forward by the CFUW-Winnipeg Club.

    We encourage everyone to join us at the CFUW-Ottawa AGM and Lunch on Saturday May 4 to make your voice heard. Click here to see details about this important event.

    Please review these motions in preparation for our AGM.

    Winnipeg Financial Motion:  Click here

    Dues Motions:  Click here

  • 03 Apr 2019 10:04 PM | Barbara Newbegin (Administrator)

    Hally Siddons once again had the privilege to attend the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in New York, this year as a member of the CFUW Delegation. The seventeen member delegation was ably led by Joy Hurst, VP International Relations, working with Grace Hollett, CFUW National President. The CFUW delegates came from across the country. Nothing seems to prepare one for the hectic pace and breadth of the week but each day was truly new and exciting. Click here to read Hally's full report. 

    A video of Hally Siddons of CFUW-Ottawa presenting the CFUW Oral Statement on behalf of National President Grace Hollet is attached. The video cannot be viewed directly from this link however the audio can be heard. To hear the audio, click here. To see the video as well, you should immediately pause the audio, click on the three dots on the right side of the audio control bar, click download, and when the video has downloaded click on it to both see and hear the video.


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