EmpowerHER: Breaking Barriers, Reclaiming Rights

In the blink of an eye, the hard-won advancements of a generation of women and girls in Afghanistan have been tragically erased. The promise of education, meaningful employment, access to proper healthcare, the freedom to move outside their homes, and the fundamental right to self-determination for their future has been snatched away. These women and girls have been deprived of their absolute human rights.

Our mission is clear: to stand in solidarity with women and girls in Afghanistan, to amplify their voices, to work to restore their rights and dignity by encouraging individuals, groups and government to take action. We believe that no one should live under the shadow of Gender Apartheid.

Advocacy can take many forms, and even small actions can contribute to a brighter future for Afghan women and girls.

Stand with Women and Girls in Afghanistan: Take Action Today

Join us in advocating for a future where women and girls in Afghanistan can once again pursue their dreams of an education and regain access to fundamental human rights. 

Here is how you can make a difference.

1. Raise Awareness: Share information about the challenges women and girls in Afghanistan are facing on social media and in our community to help increase public awareness.

2. Collaborate: Join us as we partner with other advocacy groups, NGOs, and community organizations to amplify impact.

3. Support Educational Initiatives: Assist us to fundraise or support initiatives to provide education for women and girls in Afghanistan

4. Advocate for Policy Changes: Partner with us as we advocate for policies that prioritize the rights and safety of women and girls in Afghanistan.

5. Participate in Events: Help us organize rallies or public events to educate others about the situation and how they can help.

6. Write to Government Representatives: Contact your government representatives to express your concerns and push for government action in support of women and girls in Afghanistan

7. Speak Out: Use your voice to condemn gender-based violence and discrimination against women and girls in Afghanistan and demand change.

8. Donate: Financially support initiatives that provide opportunities for women and girls in Afghanistan.

9. Advocate for Refugees: Help support the resettlement of women and girls in Afghanistan and advocate for their rights and integration.

10. Support NGOs: Contribute to or volunteer with organizations that work directly with women and girls in Afghanistan providing essential humanitarian assistance or other aid.

2023 - 2024 Advocacy Initiatives: Empowering Afghan Voices

Ottawa Community Newspaper Articles

In June 2023 we initiated a series of newspaper articles in Ottawa community newspapers to profile  the stories of Afghan newcomers.  The interviews offered a unique glimpse of their journey of integration into a new country and community. These narratives illuminated the challenges they faced, as well as their remarkable accomplishments.  A sample article from the Orlèans Star appears in the link below, p3.

Rally on Parliament Hill

On the second anniversary of the return to power of the Taliban, and the ensuing loss of rights for women in Afghanistan, we united with the Ottawa Chapter of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Women Living Under Muslim Laws on Parliament Hill.  We aimed to highlight the ongoing oppression of women and girls in Afghanistan and to launch a campaign to have the international community declare the situation they face as Gender Apartheid. It was clear that we stood with women and girls in Afghanistan in their quest for education, work, freedom, and for their fundamental right to shape their own destinies. See media coverage in the link below.

Our advocacy doesn't stop at events, it's an ongoing commitment. We continue to make our voices heard through a presence in local and national newsletters and newspapers. Our articles and "Letters to the Editor" serve as reactions to unfolding Afghanistan stories. Through these letters, we ensure that the voices of those we stand with remain a vital part of the discourse, sparking dialogue and fostering empathy within our communities. Together, we amplify the voices of the Afghan people and support their journey.

Upcoming Initiatives

Harnessing the Power of the CFUW Network Nationally

Throughout 2023-24 we will campaign to have Canadian universities and colleges provide pathways for women and girls in Afghanistan to continue their education.  Our goal is to inspire the 90 clubs and 7000 members of CFUW nationally to encourage local educational institutions in their communities to find ways to help students in Afghanistan through remote education, waiving  registration fees and other accommodations. By forging alliances with educational institutions, we aim to break down barriers and to open doors to quality education for those who need it most.


Media Relations: Continuing our Momentum in Media Engagement

In the upcoming year, we will maintain our momentum in media relations. This entails crafting and submitting articles for publication to commemorate significant days throughout the 2023-2024 calendar year. Notably, we will spotlight events showcasing our commitment to education as a fundamental right for all.

Hear Other Voices

We will continue to accept invitations from Canadian and international organizations to make presentations about University Women Helping Afghan Women, our activities, and the circumstances of Afghan women  and girls.


Meet Our Advocacy Allies

We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with a network of esteemed partners who share our unwavering commitment to advocacy. Together, we form a formidable force dedicated to driving positive change. Our advocacy allies include CFUW at the regional, provincial, and national levels, Graduate Women International, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, and Women Living Under Muslim Laws. With their support, we amplify our collective voice to champion the causes that matter most to us. Together, we aim to be a catalyst for transformative change.

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